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Cab driver who accused Bulluck says he's getting threats


The Nashville cab driver who accused a former Tennessee Titans star of robbery last weekend says he is now receiving threats.

United Cab Company driver Habib Hashi told police Keith Bulluck grabbed him early Sunday morning and robbed him of $100. According to court documents, the driver's shirt was torn when police got to the scene.

Channel 4 News previously covered a story with Hashi, who made a similar complaint against Tennessee state Sen. Ophelia Ford. He accused Ford of tearing his shirt during an altercation when she was drunk back in 2007.

And he was convicted of filing a false report in 1999.

The Channel 4 I-Team has also uncovered what's being called a frivolous lawsuit Hashi filed in 2009, seeking $500,000 from a store in the Opry Mills Mall. He claimed the store falsely accused him of shoplifting and forced him to strip down to his underwear.

Hashi later dropped the suit, and the court ordered him to pay $1,400 in fees to the people he sued.

Also, in 2009, he accused two men of demanding money from him on Broadway, adding that one of them punched him and broke his jaw.

One of the men spent five days in jail, but his charges were then dismissed, and the criminal court clerk's office confirms no one was convicted in that case.

Three other times, passengers have pleaded guilty to either not paying Hashi's cab fare or stealing from him in his cab.

And Hashi's former boss at Yellow Cab said the driver has a history of making up stories.

The Channel 4 I-Team caught up with Hashi outside United Cab's office Thursday to ask him what happened the night he accused Bulluck of robbery.

But, when we showed up with our camera, he asked us to not show his face, saying he is getting a number of threats.

Hashi's boss, the owner of United Cab, said his company has conducted its own investigation and believes something indeed happened that night outside the midtown bar between Bulluck and Hashi, adding he wants a court to decide who's right and who's wrong.

As for his employee, he says Hashi's a good guy.

"I've always found him to be a pleasant person," said United Cab owner Kuldipinder Mann. "Even if you look at him and he isn't getting attention like now, he is always smiling. If a guy like me falls sick, he's the first to call and say, 'Hey, how are you? Do you need any help?'"

Bulluck's attorney feels strongly these are false allegations against his client, and he's confident Bulluck will be exonerated.

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