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Husband of Tuscaloosa BOE candidate calls for additional voter fraud investigation

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The aftermath of election results for Tuscaloosa City School Board take another turn Thursday.

The spouse of one candidate goes public with new allegations of voter fraud and asks the University of Alabama to do its own investigation.

Paul Horwitz is a professor at the University of Alabama School of Law and the husband of Kelly Horwitz, who told FOX6 News last night that she thinks there was voter fraud in her election race. Among her concerns: messages that imply votes were bought with drinks and a number of people who registered to vote right before the election.

Thursday, Horwitz sent out an email that says, among other things, that promises of drinks for some fraternities and sororities may be a crime and that the University may be too close to Greek organizations on campus.

In the email, he questions who runs the University of Alabama and why. He says there was a total breakdown in fairness to the rule of law as it related to this week's school board races.

Horwitz says some students registered to vote by giving an address where they didn't live and that there was widespread promises of free drinks at downtown Tuscaloosa bars for students who voted for certain candidates.

The email was sent to the University of Alabama faculty senate and some media groups. It asks the University to launch a full investigation of the allegations and punish who violated the law.

Horwitz questions the University's leadership from Chancellor Robert Witt and President Judy Bonner as it relatest to these allegations of voter fraud.

FOX6 left messages and sent emails to Horwitz asking for a comment. We have not heard back from him.

Also, the University issued a brief response saying in part, school officials aren't aware of any student lead transportation initiatives for Tuscaloosa City elections and that any allegations of voter fraud should be reported to the appropriate agencies.

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