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Editorial: Highway 280 construction

The following is an editorial from FOX6 WBRC-TV General Manager Lou Kirchen, first aired on Tuesday, August 27:

Hwy 280 in Birmingham…For years we have argued among ourselves about how to fix the traffic congestion on that highway. Many of us said, "Just do something." And, so, it's being done.

What do you think about the new traffic patterns on 280? If you live or work along that corridor, for you, maybe it's only about how fast you can get to and from work and home every day. I've heard positive comments from stalwart commuters who say the traffic flow is much better, with more lanes dedicated to getting off the highway and into neighborhoods more efficiently.

If some of your favorite shopping venues are on 280 or you own a business along the highway, have the new traffic patterns been a benefit or a challenge? For me, getting into the vicinity for shopping has been faster, but once there it has been confusing. For example, there used to be a traffic bottle neck at the entrance to the Summit Shopping Center. Now with the addition of a concrete barrier that congestion has just been moved up the hill. And further up the road at Whole Foods, in order to exit that shopping center you have to merge from the left into on-coming traffic which can be problematic if traffic is heavy.

Twice this week, at different locations along 280, I was in the wrong lane and was forced to make a turn I didn't want to make. But maybe that's just me and all of the changes work better for you.

Certainly there is still a lot of work to be done to finish the project and with completion should come less confession more clarity. And, with all change, it takes time to adjust to the new.

You know, having said all of that, I applaud all of those who had the determination and courage to take action to alleviate our 280 traffic woes.

What do you think?

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