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Documents reveal ongoing tension between neighbor and man accused of murder for hire

Allen Morgan in 2012. Source: Tuscaloosa VA Center Allen Morgan in 2012. Source: Tuscaloosa VA Center

FOX6 has learned more about the Anniston man accused of trying to hire an undercover FBI agent to kill his black neighbor.

According to court documents, Allen Morgan told FBI agents that he tried to hire the KKK to murder his neighbor because Morgan believed his neighbor raped his wife.

Reporter Christy Hutchings has been following this story and has received conflicting reports from law enforcement on the allegations.

One source, who asked not to be named, says Morgan's wife slept with the neighbor to pay off a drug debt.

Meanwhile, the Talladega County Sheriff says the rape allegations are under investigation.

According to court documents, Morgan was convinced the neighbor had raped his wife and he told undercover FBI agents that he wanted the neighbor hung from a tree like an animal and wanted him to die a slow death.

FOX6 has also uncovered more interactions between Morgan and this neighbor. Police say they were called out to Morgan's home just two weeks ago, when the neighbor was allegedly waving his gun in the air.

And just last week Morgan fired shots into the ground near his neighbor, hoping to scare him but not kill him.

It has also come to light that Alabama DHR took the Morgan's three-year-old daughter and placed her in the care of a relative.

Morgan had another court appearance Tuesday and two public defenders have been assigned to his case. Morgan's charges and rights were explained to him and a detention hearing date has been set for Tuesday, Sept. 3. Morgan remains in custody of the U.S. Marshals.

Morgan's attorneys are not commenting at this time.

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