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Airport Road Intermediate School selected as “Be Healthy School”

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama selected ARIS as a "Be Healthy School" for 2013-14. With that selection ARIS received a grant of $10,000 to build a long-wished-for jogging track!! It is hoped that the track will increase physical activity among ARIS students. At the same time, Counselor Irene Wong, Principal Marcia Stephens, Coach Julie Morrison, and Nurse Ann Bamberg will coordinate efforts to educate parents and students about the benefits of exercise and nutrition. Students will exercise in the classroom between subject transitions in order to pump more blood to the brain and improve alertness. Exercise will also combat poor posture due to sitting for long periods and carrying heavy backpacks.

                Coach Morrison will offer the 50-Mile Club for students and faculty to jog 50 miles during the year at school. Coach imagines how nice it would be to run or walk on a track instead of muddy grass after a rain. Counselor Wong is informing parents with information to combat obesity with newsletters. At a PTO meeting, Principal Stephens and Nurse Bamberg will encourage parents to model behaviors that cut back on snacks that are high in fat, sugar, or salt. The motto for the year is "Habits 4 Health." These four habits, an acronym of ARIS, are Appreciate your body; Read the label; Integrate exercise; and Sleep.

                Mr. Jeff Adams of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama presented a large, mock check to Principal Marcia Stephens on Friday, August 23, 2013. Students were present to hold up the banner recognizing ARIS as a "Be Healthy School."

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