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Examining how Matt Pitt's legal woes could affect 'The Basement' ministry

Matt Pitt. Source: Shelby County Sheriff's Office Matt Pitt. Source: Shelby County Sheriff's Office

As youth evangelist Matt Pitt faces legal woes, FOX6 examines what could happen to his ministry and how the situation affects his followers.

Pitt has left a lasting impression on countless people through his ministry The Basement and since the accusations and arrest, it seems his followers have remained loyal. On the MyFoxAl Facebook page people have posted a lot of positive things.

"I, as with many people, don't know where I would be without Matt Pitt and The Basement. For 6 going on 7 years now my daughter and I have been a part of The Basement and I've enjoyed seeing people's lives get touched by the hands of God. I stand behind Matt Pitt 100%," Diane Carroll wrote.

"Matt Pitt is such a blessing to have as a leader! If it wasn't for him and The Basement I dont know were I'd be! Nothing no one can do or say will ever change that because I know the impact he's had on me and thousands of others," Cameron Haynes said.

But what remains to be seen is what Pitt's troubles mean for the future of The Basement.

"There may be a dark cloud of suspicion and doubt," Dr. Timothy George said.

Dr. George, Dean of Beeson Divinity School at Samford University he doesn't know Pitt personally but he says his heart goes out to him and his ministry.

"This has got to be a time of crisis for them. I would say to them put your trust in God. He's the Lord. There's no human leader who can redeem or save you no matter how worthy they may be. We all have failures," George said.

George's advice would be for people not to forsake the ministry, instead let this situation bring people closer together.

"Hang in there, make it a matter of praying, seeking the mind of Christ for the future of the congregation. Pray for Brother Pitt," George said.

FOX6 called the office of The Basement and left a message, but no one returned our phone call.

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