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Tuscaloosa residents complain of aggressive door-to-door book salespeople

Residents in Northport's Clear Creek subdivision made some of the reports. Source: WBRC video Residents in Northport's Clear Creek subdivision made some of the reports. Source: WBRC video

The Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office has fielded a number of complaints about door-to-door salespeople.

Residents, particularly in the Clear Creek subdivision, have complainted of what they call overly aggressive sales people trying to sell education books.

They say that the sales people sometimes just walk right into the house or ask how many children are in a home. It's these complaints that alerted the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office to contact a book company to learn what was really going on.

"We got a few reports that as soon as you open the door, they would come into your house...and that's just not acceptable," Lt. Andy Norris said.

The company selling the books is Nashville-based Southwestern Advantage. The door-to-door salespeople are from Europe and the copmany says they're selling books to help pay for their college educations.

But one of the many rumors circulating is that these people are actually trying to lure children out of their homes and sell them into human trafficking. A company spokesperson says that's a flat out lie.

"That's definitely not true. Southwestern Advantage and the students that sell our products are selling educational products for the home. The students usually do ask directly for kids but they do try to work with families that have an interest in the product and that would primarily be families with kids since they are educational products," Trey Campbell, Director of Communications, said.

The sheriff's office asked the company to speak to their salespeople, which they did. The company also wrote on the sheriff's Facebook page that they are closely working with students in the area to ensure that they are being polite and transparent about who they are and what they're doing.

But a few days later, the sheriff's office says it was told the employees left the area. Norris says the best thing residents can do if they don't know who's at the door is not to open it.

"If you feel uncomfortable byt all means call your local law enforcement agency...we'll come check them out and see if they are legitimate," Norris said.

FOX6 is told that the sales people had the proper license to sell books in the city of Tuscaloosa but a few of them didn't have a county license.

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