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Poll: Americans voice anonymous opinions on Americans

Americans have an opinion about one another - and it's not pretty. (Source: MGN Online) Americans have an opinion about one another - and it's not pretty. (Source: MGN Online)

(RNN) – Americans love to defend who they are and where they come from – almost as much as they like to point out the shortcomings of their friends and neighbors.

In a joint effort by Business Insider and SurveyMonkey Audience, more than 1,000 Americans answered questions about which states had the best and worst accents, who was polite and who was surly, which states had the prettiest and ugliest people and of course, who had the tastiest regional cuisine.

The survey was based on a similar polls done in Europe and another by a North Carolina State University Ph.D student who was an expert on dialects throughout the U.S.

According to the respondents, the state with the weirdest accent was Massachusetts, with south Boston's often imitated accent putting it over the top.

But Massachusetts was selected as having the smartest people, even if they do "pahk the cah in Havahd yahd."

New York, home of the buffalo wing and cronut edged beignets, gumbo and Louisiana for best food.

Alaska had the worst food - seal flipper pie wasn't a big favorite, we guess.

Overall, California was the most favorably viewed state - voted to have the hottest residents and way up there in beautiful scenery and best vacation spots. On the other hand, it was a runaway winner for having the craziest people.

New York's the most arrogant, Texas would be the first to go if surveyors could kick any state out of the union, and Colorado is the prettiest. 

The ugliest people are in Alabama and the dumbest are in Mississippi and New Yorkers are the rudest and most arrogant.

Hey, we're just reporting this stuff.

Check out all the maps if you really want to get your dander up.

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