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Concerns filed against intended runway in UPS cargo plane crash


In light of the UPS cargo plane crash, it has now been discovered that pilots have previously filed concerns about runway 18, the runway the plane was supposed to land on last Wednesday morning.

We have obtained several reports of pilots complaining about the runway from the Papi lights not being noticeable, the terrain, and even how low they're coming. But the report from 1999 is the one that stood out the most.

The pilot wrote in the report, "The approach to runway 18 at BHM is marginally safe at best and is set up for an accident at worst."

The report goes on to say: "The first officer and I were both bothered by the close visual proximity of the ground while on the final stages of the approach."

The pilot in that report recommended to "Discontinue use of runway 18 for company operations due to the high terrain present under the normal glide path. This is a dangerous approach so prohibit it."

The pilot goes on to say, "I will not fly to this runway in the weather or to a wet runway. If it is the only runway open in those conditions I will divert."

UPS says they can't comment on whether they knew about the reports since this an ongoing investigation.

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