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AL pilot weighs in on UPS plane crash


Now that the black boxes have been recovered from UPS flight 1354, the search for a cause can begin for investigators. 

A North Alabama pilot is weighing in on what it's like to operate an aircraft and how the black box can help fill in any blanks.  

Tony Cook is a Captain for Delta airlines with 43 years of experience under his belt. He flies internationally several times a month and has flown out of the Birmingham airport countless times. He said the black box is very significant to the case and can lead to some big answers.

"The black box coupled with the cockpit voice recorder will tell you basically what the pilots were thinking and talking about and they will have a really good idea of what happened," he said. "It won't give the NTSB a slam dunk as to what's going on because there is always that human factor. There are no channels with the human factor and I am not casting anything on them, but of course you don't know what happened. I suspect they were doing a great job."

A job that Cook says shouldn't have been difficult for the crew Wednesday morning.  

"The conditions under which these guys were landing in Birmingham the other day were just run of the mill, mundane," he said. "It wasn't difficult for them to land at all. That's given that everything was working and there was nothing else going on in the airplane and that I don't know. I don't want to hazard a guess."

The NTSB said a distress call wasn't made from the air bus.  

"If they had time, certainly they would have made some kind of distress call," he said. "They would have let the tower know that they were having an extreme situation and we need priority handling or to have the crash crew standing by. The first job that any aviator is going to do, they are going to fly first and that's what I expect they would be doing and there may have been a situation where there wasn't time to communicate," Cook said. 

Once all the information is gathered from the boxes, it will be entered into a flight simulator. The simulator that will re-enact the flight and crash to give officials a better understanding of what happened.

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