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Good Day Alabama for August 13, 2013

Here is what you saw on Good Day Alabama for August 13, 2013:

JEH JEH LIVE - Jeh Jeh went flying and learned about the flight classes at Wallace State Community College. The Aviation/Flight Technology program provides training for professional or recreational pilots. Additional certificates and add-on ratings may also be obtained through the program. For more information, visit

BETH K - UAB Nutritionist Dr. Beth Kitchen joined us with a look at a new study questioning the benefits of Probiotics. Diarrhea caused by antibiotics is common in older people in hospitals and nursing homes.  When the bacteria causing that diarrhea is clostridium difficile (c.difficile), the results can be serious. But other types of bacteria can cause diarrhea with antibiotic use. Up to 25% of older patients taking certain antibiotics may have severe diarrhea that can result in weight loss, dehydration,  kidney failure, and even death.  Scientists have long believed that diarrhea caused by antibiotics was, in part caused by the destruction of good bacteria in the gut. So, the use of probiotics has been studied as a way of reducing the diarrhea. Most studies that have shown benefits have been small with inconsistent results. Now a large study out of Britain shows some disappointing results. The study was published in the Lancet - a highly reputable research journal. The researchers studied thousands of patients 65 years and older who were using antibiotics. They randomized them to get either probiotics or a placebo. The researchers expected to see a lower rate of diarrhea in the group that got the probiotics - but they were surprised to find that the patients that got the probiotics were just as likely to experience diarrhea as the group on the placebo. The researchers concluded that the use of probiotics in older patients with antibiotic-induced diarrhea is premature
     What does this mean for you?  Many of us get probiotics in the form of yogurt.  Does this mean that for the average healthy person probiotics are a waste of time?  Many of us get probiotics in the form of yogurt. And while the hype around yogurt is likely exaggerated (especially Activia) there are few risks to probiotics for the average healthy person and there may be some benefits to those healthy bacteria. Add to that the protein, calcium and potassium that you get from yogurt and you can feel assured that you are getting some benefit.

MONEY TUESDAY - Stewart Welch joined us with 3 steps to a solid financial future for nearlyweds..... Whether you are a nearlywed or a newlywed, building a solid financial future will be an important step towards building a marriage that will last a lifetime.  In my thirty-plus years of working with families on their personal finances, when a marriage fails, money is more often than not a contributor.  By setting good habits now, you'll eliminate one of the root causes of marriage failures.  Here are three steps you should follow:
1. Show & Tell.  Start by laying all of your cards out on the table.  Each of you should make a list of your financial assets such as bank account statements, 401k statements, brokerage account statements and real estate, if any.  Then do the same thing with all of your liabilities including student loan statements, car loans and credit card statements.  More often than not, one of you will be surprised by what the other has (or owes!).  
2. Discuss goals.  Talk about your financial goals for one, five and ten years.  My suggestion is for each of you to do this exercise separately (avoiding, initially, the influence of the other), then come together and share your results.  Often you'll find you have quite different perspectives and this will allow you to gain insight into what's important to your partner.  Together, you should now develop a common set of one, five and ten year goals along with a basic 'action plan' for achieving them.  For example, if one goal is to pay off your student loans over the next ten years decide how much you'll pay each month and set that plan in motion.  One 'non-negotiable' goal I'd ask you to consider is setting up an automatic investment program specifically for retirement based on a minimum of ten percent of your combined gross pay.  This can be done through your employer's 401k plan or by using a traditional or Roth IRA.  Trust me when I tell you, you'll thank me when you retire!
3. Pick a CFO.  Decide which of you is going to be the chief financial officer for the family.  For most couples, one person tends to have a natural interest in taking charge of the family finances while the other is happy to 'not be involved'.  In my experience, this strategy is a formula for strife in the marriage somewhere down the road.  First, it's great if you decide to share the responsibility, just make sure you clearly define who is responsible for what.  Maybe one of you will balance the checkbook while the other pays the bills.  If one person is going to be in charge, it's essential that you set up and stick to a communication system where the person in charge sits down with the other to review the family finances as well as the progress towards your predetermined goals.   My recommendation is that this be done monthly.  For example, agree that the first Monday of every month, you'll get a nice bottle of wine and spend an hour reviewing the 'state of the family finances'.   

For more information and ideas on how parents can help, visit

GARDENING - Jimmy Rockett teaches us about shrubbery that blooms in August. Jimmy says there are a lot of pretty plants that bloom this time if year ... from the biggest - Little Gem Magnolia - to the lowest - new types of Abelias. Typically, Azaleas bloom in the spring, but since the Encore Azaleas have been introduced, they too have a wide variety of color and sizes to chose from now. Jimmy reminds you to to do your homework and research what is the mature height of the plant. He says it is terrible to go to the trouble and work to plant a plant because it is small and pretty, only to have to move in 3-4 years later. Jimmy says there are new varieties of Abelias and Hydrangeas, both for the sun, that are striking and have beautiful color. He also shows a Clematis Vine that is blooming very well called Autumn Frost . Lastly, Jimmy says when planting, dig a big hole, plant the plant a little high and add the turkey poop organic base fertilizer. For more information, call Jimmy at (205) 981-1151, email him at, or visit his website at ,

BABY WEEK: MOMMY MAKEOVER - It's Baby Week on Good Day Alabama as we lead up to Babypalooza. Babypalooza conducted a Mommy Makeover contest for all expectant moms via a Facebook essay contest where the moms said why they wanted a makeover. The winner will get a complete makeover including:
1. A personal fashion consultation with Megan LaRussa of Southern Femme

2. Stylish clothes from The Swanky Stork

3. Complete hair and make up transformation from Richard Joseph Salon

4. And a Spa Day from 'St. Vincents One Nineteen (Voted Best Spa in the Parents' Choice Awards!) Spa Day Includes:
·      1-30 minute Restorative Facial
·      1-60 minute Aromatherapy or Therapeutic Swedish Massage
·      1-50 minute Restorative Spa Pedicure
·      1-40 minute Restorative Spa Manicure
·      1-Spa Lunch
·      1-day pass to our state of the art fitness facility

The winner is Sunnie Leigh Graydon from Springville. Clothing Stylist Megan LaRussa from Southern Femme joins us along with a hair and makeup stylist from Richard Joseph Salon. Babypalooza is this Saturday from 9am until 3pm at the BJCC East Exhibit Hall. It is free to attend. For more information on Babypalooza, visit

BIRMINGHAM RESTAURANT WEEK - Clif Holt of Little Savannah and James Little of Birmingham Restaurant Week joined us with details on this year's event. REV Birmingham (REV) is pleased to announce that more than 40 restaurants are currently registered to participate in BRW 2013 presented by Regions Bank taking place during the 10 days from Friday, August 16 - Sunday, August 25. BRW will again celebrate the city's acclaimed culinary culture by offering incentives for Birmingham-area residents to revisit their favorite restaurants and bars or to experience recently opened venues for the first time. More than 40 participating restaurants will offer special two and/or three-course prix-fixe lunch and/or dinner menus in the $5, $10, $15, $20 and $30 per person range during the 10-day event. Several menus will also include a healthy kid's menu component, brunch offerings and drink specials. Participating restaurants and their menus have been posted now at so go take a look now and begin making your reservations and plan of culinary attack now! The new mobile site provides BRW diners with an easier and quicker method to access information on the website and a GPS navigation option.

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, get your kids ready to head back to school! The doctor is in the house with advice on backpacks, healthy options at school lunches, and more! Chef Mee Tracy McCormick joins us with some great food ideas and her book - My Kitchen Cure: How I cooked My Way Out of Chronic Autoimmune Disease with Whole Foods and Healing Recipes. Summer is not over yet but its time to start thinking about fall veggies. In Good Day Gardening we show you what you can begin to plant and how to care for it! And Mickey takes us to the Birmingham Zoo to hang out with animals! Join us for all of this and more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!

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