Homewood pastor Rev. Shahan held for second night in wife's murder case

Rev. Richard Shahan. Source: FBC Birmingham website
Rev. Richard Shahan. Source: FBC Birmingham website
Karen Shahan's body was found on a couch inside her home on Hugh Circle in Homewood on July 23. Source: WBRC video
Karen Shahan's body was found on a couch inside her home on Hugh Circle in Homewood on July 23. Source: WBRC video
Karen Shahan.
Karen Shahan.

HOMEWOOD, AL (WBRC) - A Homewood pastor whose wife was found murdered in their home is being held in the Homewood City Jail for a second night for "investigative purposes," police said Thursday.

Rev. Richard Shahan voluntarily came in to the police department on Wednesday morning to speak with detectives about his wife's death, according to Homewood Police Lt. Ken Atkinson.

Shahan was held in the jail overnight and was questioned for a second day on Thursday.

No formal charges have been filed against Shahan and Homewood police are not calling him a suspect at this time.

Homewood police issued this statement around 2:30 p.m. Thursday:

Richard Shahan came to the Homewood Police Department on 8-7-2013 voluntarily to speak with detectives. He is currently being held for investigative purposes at the Homewood City Jail. At this time, he has not been charged with any crime.

Rev. Shahan's wife, 52-year-old Karen Louise Shahan, was found killed inside their home on Hugh Circle on Tuesday, July 23.

Her co-workers at Hobby Lobby became concerned after she didn't show up for work, and called authorities.

Police did a welfare check at her home around 11:15 a.m. and found Shahan's body on the couch and the house in disarray. Officials have not yet released a cause of death.

Police said Rev. Shahan was out of town when his wife's body was discovered. Shahan was reportedly out of town in Kentucky visiting his son, who is in the military, when police found Karen's body.

Lt. Atkinson said Wednesday's visit to the police department was not the first time Rev. Shahan has spoken with detectives. Early on in the investigation, Shahan was questioned and released.

It is unclear if Rev. Shahan will be held overnight again at the Homewood City Jail. Police have a maximum of 72 hours to hold someone without filing charges.

Rev. Shahan is the children and families pastor at First Baptist Church of Birmingham. The church owns the house where the Shahans lived, in addition to several other homes on Hugh Circle, the neighborhood next door to the church.

FBC Birmingham issued a statement on Karen Shahan's death, describing her as a long-time church member, church choir member, mother of two sons and a grandmother of two.

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