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Castro Case: Still unanswered questions

Ariel Castro (Source: Ohio Department of Corrections) Ariel Castro (Source: Ohio Department of Corrections)

So much has been said about the Ariel Castro case, but we've found some things about it may never be known.

Castro, of course, is serving life in prison for holding Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight as sex slaves over more than a decade.

Yet there are some mysteries investigators have wondered about for years.

Consider the call. 

Days after Amanda Berry disappeared, someone called her mother and said she'd be home soon. Of course, she wasn't.

Amanda's mom died without ever seeing her daughter come home.

We've learned investigators recently asked Ariel Castro if he had made that call. He denied it. We may never know who actually did make the call.

And consider the basement. Sources told us about a writing on Castro's basement wall. RIP, as in "Rest in Peace." There, in the basement where Castro's victims were chained.

Investigators were not sure what to make of the writing when they found it. They came to conclude, it may have had something to do with a pet or lost relatives.

Then, there's the other woman. Multiple sources have said Michelle Knight told them of another woman in the house, someone other than Gina DeJesus and Amanda Berry.

We're told Michelle said she woke up one morning, and the other woman was gone. Investigators wonder if maybe Michelle was hallucinating or confused while suffering from the horrific abuse she took in the home of Ariel Castro.

In fact, investigators never found any evidence of other women in the home. But now, with the case closed even with more things we'll never know.

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