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Rincon Police search for drive-by shooter


The search is on for the men who fired several shots at a home in Effingham County.

The investigation, including multiple shell casings found on the side of the road, began after a fight followed was by drive-by shooting on Sherwood Road in Rincon. No one was hurt but one bullet made its way through the front to the inside.

Rincon Police say the entire incident happened in broad daylight, right after children in the neighborhood came home from the first day of school, just after 4:30 pm. 

Neighbors say  children of all ages live up and down Sherwood Road. Rincon Police say two men had a scuffle in the front yard, the man who got the worse end of the fight left and then returned in his car and opened fire on the house.

At least four shots were fired, maybe more, and at least one bullet hit the home and went through the front wall and into the interior of the home where people were inside. Four shell casings were found but witnesses say they heard as many as six gunshots. No one inside was struck. Those casings will be taken to be processed but police have a good idea who they are looking for. 

The incident really shook up the neighborhood, even if only one shot actually hit the home.

"It looks like he was driving on the move and he wasn't able to hit the target as many time as possible," Sgt. Cliff Huggins, Rincon Police Dept., told WTOC. "A lot of people were startled but no one was hit and no injuries."

Again, detectives say they have good leads on who the suspect is and warrants could be issued at anytime. 

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