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School leaders, students hope Twitter feature will help stop cyber bullying

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Twitter is adding a feature to help users report abusive content.

The action comes after several prominent women were reportedly targeted in the U.K. but closer to home, school officials and students and Tuscaloosa are glad to see the changes.

School leaders say social media has significantly heightened the impact of bullying.

"And people begin tweeting about [bullying] and talk about it...things could escalate to something that gets out of control real easy," Tuscaloosa City School Board member Marvin Lucas said.

Students like Taylor Miles say what people post online can be downright hurtful.

"In today's society, social media I think is really damaging because a lot of people say things on the media that they won't say in person," Miles said.

They hope the new in-app option will help crack down on virtual bullies. While a user is using the Twitter smartphone app, they can open a tweet they think abusive, click on the three dots and a menu will open up with a button to "Report Tweet."

The option is currently only available in the iOS app and mobile site. Twitter hopes to soon have the option available on the desktop version and Android OS in September.

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