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PAC raising money to back challengers in Tuscaloosa School Board elections

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The races for the Tuscaloosa City School Board positions continue to heat up. Friday, FOX6 News looks into the Educate Tuscaloosa Political Action Committee (PAC), which is supporting only challengers in the races.

Tuesday's Tuscaloosa City School Board candidates forum began like any other debate as candidates made their case for re-election.

But the atmosphere changed when talk shifted to a local PAC. Educate Tuscaloosa is made up of several business people. The PAC has been sending out mailers with the message that it's time to bring in new faces to move the schools forward.

On its website, Educate Tuscaloosa lists reasons they feel change is needed, including the fact that Tuscaloosa City Schools rank 87th in performance.

FOX6 News has also learned that Educate Tuscaloosa has raised around $100,000 to back a handful of challengers.

Harry Lee, a current school board member, says so far the incumbents have raised about $4,000 for the re-election campaign.

Some people say the PAC is just trying to buy the election.

Tonight at 10, some school board memebers speak out about the PAC's efforts.

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