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Protesting violence against women

Community members gather to protest violence against women. Community members gather to protest violence against women.

About 30 people in East Cleveland were brought together by the violence in their community that plagues women.  

The neighborhood witnessed clergy and community activists combining forces to create a safer city.

During the event, five sets of balloons were released.

The first for the serial murder victims -- three women whose bodies were found last month in East Cleveland--police are criticized for not finding all three on their own.

The second set for the three women murdered just since March on Cleveland's east side -- one woman's body was thrown under a house.

The third set was for the women held captive by Ariel Castro who was sentenced for his crimes on August 1.

The fourth for the unarmed woman killed last November in a police chase when 13 officers fired 137 shots into the car where she was a passenger.

The final balloons released were to commemorate the 11 women murdered in 2008 and 2009 by serial killer Anthony Sowell.

Since all those cases involve men who perpetrated violence against women – the group, which was founded after the Imperial Avenue murders, sends a call out to teach young males how to become men and to teach women how to defend themselves.

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