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Alagasco unveils commemorative gaslight in Montgomery

President and Chief Operating Officer Dudley Reynolds unveiled and dedicated a "Lighting the Way" commemorative gaslight as a permanent marker in honor of Dr. King, the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church where Dr. King was pastor and the city of Montgomery today August 1st.

Reynolds will be joined by Reverend Cromwell Handy, pastor of the church, Mayor Todd Strange, and other community and government leaders. Reverend Bernice King, daughter of the civil rights leader, has also been invited to take part."Alagasco is honored to unveil this tribute to Dr. King and his quest for nonviolence and equality. This gaslight serves as a remembrance of our past and our hopes and dreams for tomorrow," Reynolds said.

Mayor Strange said "We are honored that Alagasco has chosen to honor Dr. King's legacy here. A commemorative gaslight that signifies ‘Lighting the Way' is a perfect addition to our historical downtown in the Capital of Dreams."

The gaslight is in front of the church on Dexter Avenue, two blocks from the state capitol. The dedication ceremony began at 11 a.m.

"When God's chosen people had crossed the Jordan, they carried with them twelve stones which were placed as a memorial and as a reminder of what God had done", says Rev. Handy.  "We are honored to be witnesses to the placing of this lamp as a memorial for what God has done through the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the cause for justice, equality and love.  Under his leadership, this church played a vital role in the modern civil rights movement.  This eternal flame marks the permanency of his contribution to the inalienable rights of all humanity."

This gaslight is the third of five to be unveiled in cities across Alabama. Alagasco employees were asked to vote for locations of significant historical events to receive the commemorative gaslights. Alagasco has dedicated lights in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. Two other lights will be unveiled in Anniston and Selma later this year.

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