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Prayer caravan plans to pray in front of every Cullman County School


The Cullman County School System says it has no plans to prevent a 'prayer caravan' from praying in front of every county school, despite the "Freedom from Religion Foundation" insisting the caravan violates the separation of church and state.

School Superintendent Billy Coleman initiated the prayer caravan event. He insists it is not a school-sponsored event.

The August 10th event will involve members of the community who will go from school to school offering a 10-15 minute prayer at each building.

"This is a violation of the Constitution. This is a very, very serious matter, and the Constitution needed to be complied with. We asked for an official response from him, we are still waiting for an official response," said Andrew Seidel, staff attorney for the FFRF.

"They want us to cancel it, but the school system doesn't sponsor it, so there's nothing to cancel, so there's nothing to cancel. From their standpoint, I initiated it. I'm not going to cancel it," said Coleman.

We do not know if the Freedom from Religion Foundation will file suit against the district to stop the caravan.

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