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Criminals practicing car theft skills on Honda Accords


Metro police want your help to stop a peculiar string of recent car thefts. Ten times in the last 10 days, they have investigated cases of stolen mid-'90s Honda Accords.

Police say the thieves aren't keeping the cars or ripping off any parts. Instead, criminals are targeting the older Accords because it's one of the easiest models to steal, and they are using it for practice.

"They'll do two, three, four of these in one night," said Lt. Grant Carroll, with Metro's criminal investigations division.

Police say most of the cars associated with the increase in thefts were taken from apartment complexes during the early morning hours.

The thieves are so bold, they steal one and drive it around until they find another. They then drop off the first stolen car and drive away in the next.

In one case, an Accord was stolen from the parking lot at one apartment complex and investigators later found it in another lot right across the street.

"We need to target it aggressively," Carroll said.

Police say the problem is simple: the steering columns in mid-'90s Accords are all plastic.

"It's easy to damage, thus making the cars easy to steal," Carroll said.

As for a motive behind Honda hopping, investigators say it might be just for fun.

"Young people will actually perfect their art of stealing cars on the Honda Accord," Carroll said.

Police say if you own one, there are some important things you need to do to protect your property.

"Park it in a well-lit place. Park it where neighbors can have visibility over it," Carroll said.

Another thing you could do is install a security device locks across the steering wheel when you are away from your car.

Investigators tell us they believe it's a group of young males responsible for these crimes, probably in their late teens or early 20s. The Metro Police Department has its auto theft unit now working these cases pretty hard, and they say the are confident they will soon be able to beat these Honda stealing crooks at their game.

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