Hoover School System backs off bus cancellation plans

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The Hoover School System is back tracking on its original plan to end all bus service in August 2014. This move comes after a wave of backlash from parents and school bus drivers.

An email went out Thursday saying the superintendent and school board will have a forum to give parents a chance to give their feedback about ending bus service. Parents have already been vocal about their thoughts on this issue.

On Thursday night, a meeting was held in Bluff Park to discuss the proposed changes. No school officials were there, but parents encouraged each other to take action by writing letters and emails to the superintendent, school board members, and city council. Parents have even created a Facebook page called "Save the Hoover Bus System."

Hoover officials say they plan to end bus service to save the school system $2.5-million, but that reasoning has some parents scratching their heads.

"I thought it was an ill conceived plan. I can understand trying to save money, but there has to be a different way besides cutting bus service," said concerned parent Sabrina Lewis.

The forum is Thursday, August 8 at 7:00 p.m. at Spain Park High School. The superintendent and school board members are expected to be there. Parents plan to pack that meeting and they also plan to pack the next school board meeting on Monday.

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