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East Cleveland: Terry family mourns while looking for answers; fundraiser planned

Shirellda Terry's family Shirellda Terry's family

"I don't know what the emotion was but I probably remember dropping to the floor because you wanted to remain hopeful," explained Shirellda Terry's mom Belinda Minor.

Hope faded for the Terry family when investigators asked to meet at Belinda Minor's home. 

"The law enforcement came in and were compassionate to me and my family," added Belinda.  

East Cleveland Police and Cleveland Police delivered the news on Tuesday -- that the body found inside the garage in East Cleveland was Minor's daughter Shirellda Terry.

Since July 10th it seemed liked the world was looking for 18-year old Shirellda Terry and her family appreciated their tireless efforts of all the volunteers, friends and family. 

Community Activists Art McCoy and Black on Black crimes had been volunteering their time since the beginning.

"From midnight to morning searching for Shirellda. A lot of gang members came out to look for her cause they said they had daughters," said Derek Minor, Belinda's husband.

Shirellda loved to dance, give hugs her Mom remembers it well. "She would give us hugs while we were sleeping and she would say did you know I hugged you."

And she loved to read.  

"She was enthusiastic about reading and wanted other people to read," said Melissa Minor.

Pastor Kevin Hannah says the community needs to change. "Unfortunately we have gotten used to black-on-black crime and when you are used to something it dulls your senses and your are not able to change."

The news that Shirellda was one of the serial killing victims has been painful.

"I know what it feels like to sit in the seat," says Belinda. "It's the darkest hour of your life. 

Shirellda's family has been leaning on their faith. The devout Christians says evil will not win.   

"It doesn't matter what he did we are still victorious," said Belinda.

Friday will mark one week since Shirellda's body was found. In remembrance, there will be a candlelight vigil at 6:00 PM for all the victims. The vigil will take place at  146th and St. Clair.

Then Sunday at 4:00 PM there will be a fundraiser/gospel concert at 15837 Euclid at the Empowerment Church.

To help pay for funeral expenses the Sheeley family has set up a fund. Donations can be given under the name Shetisha Sheeley, at any First Merit Bank.

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