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Blueberry corn salad in mason jars

Mason jars can keep batches of salads fresh in the fridge for up to five days. Mason jars can keep batches of salads fresh in the fridge for up to five days.
Dak's blueberry corn salad includes red peppers, blueberries, corn, bacon, almonds, goat cheese and spinach. Dak's blueberry corn salad includes red peppers, blueberries, corn, bacon, almonds, goat cheese and spinach.

Blueberry corn salad in mason jars with Dak's original red vinaigrette

Mason jars salads are a huge craze sweeping across Pinterest. DAK's couldn't resist ADDING THE DAK's to this growing trend.

You are probably wondering, why Mason jars? First, if you prepare them properly, these salads can stay fresh all week. You can make a bunch on Sunday and have them available all week for quick and healthy lunches.

Mason jars are inexpensive; they don't deteriorate, discolor; they are re-usable; and they store neatly in the fridge and pantry when empty. Plus they are very pretty when filled with a rainbow of salad fixings.

The key to a successful salad is the layering of the ingredients. The vertical nature of the Mason jar keeps your lettuce and more delicate veggies away from the ingredients with a high moisture content so everything stays crisp.

The key is to pack the jars from wet to dry, bottom to top. This is the best way to pack the jar from bottom to top: dressing, grain, hard veggies, protein, and then leafy veggies.

A couple of other tips:

1. Start with a mason jar that is completely dry. Moisture does not make a crispy salad.

2. Tear, don't cut the lettuce because it will turn brown.

3. Always start with the dressing on the bottom.

4. Place a folded towel at the top of the salad just before the lid goes on and it will absorb some of the excess moisture and keep the greens more crisp.

5. Avoid strong odors like egg, blue cheese, fish, raw onion, etc. Bring them in separate baggie

6. Strawberries and cut tomatoes get soggy. Avoid strawberries. Use whole cherry tomatoes instead.

7. Fill the jars as full as possible to reduce the amount of condensation.

Below is one recipe idea, but the sky is the limit with these Mason jar salads.

Ingredients for Dak's original red vinaigrette

¼ cup of white balsamic vinegar
½ cup of olive oil
1 tablespoons of Dijon mustard
Drizzle of honey
2 teaspoons of DAK'S ORIGINAL RED

Ingredients for salad

2 cups of diced red peppers
2 cups of blueberries, washed and dried
3 ears of corn grilled and cut off the cob
½ cup of cooked and crumbled bacon
½ cup of toasted sliced almonds
½ cup of goat cheese crumbled
Spinach or arugula
8 pint size mason jars

Dak's original red vinaigrette directions

Combine balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, drizzle of honey, and DAK's ORIGINAL RED in a jar.  Stir well with a fork.  Add olive oil, cover tightly, and shake until well combined.  You can also use a blender and drizzle the oil in slowly while it is running.  

Salad directions

Add about 2-3 tablespoons of DAK' ORIGINAL RED VINAIGRETTE to the bottom of each mason jars.  Now it is time to layer the ingredients. 

First, divide peppers among the jars. Second, divide blueberries among the jars.  Third, add corn among the jars.  Fourth, add bacon among jars. Fifth, add the almonds among the jars.  Sixth, add the goat cheese among the jars.  Fill up the rest of the jar with spinach or arugula.  We like to tear the spinach into smaller, bite size pieces. 

It is important to fill up the jars as full as possible to reduce condensation.  Place a folded paper towel over the mouth of the jar before you put the lid on to keep the greens more crisp.  Place in the refrigerator.  These will keep for up to 5 days.

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