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Selma night club with shaded past hopes to re-open soon


Club Entourage still looks like it did a year ago in Selma except there is no crime tape outside. The shootings started outside the front door, not inside.

"We have a constitutional right to start over," said owner Clyde Richardson.

Therein lies Richardson's argument to the city to reopen.

"We will have security cameras in place and record every foot that moves inside and outside," Richardson promised.

Last June two suspects stood at the doorway and opened fire. The suspects had initially been thrown out. A club security guard returned fire, killing one suspect and injuring the other man.

"Patrons got out of order, security did their job," said Richardson.

The city ended up revoking the club's business license after police were called more than 70 times during a two and a half year period before last summer's shootings. Mayor George Evans said at the time he was fed up.

"I am disappointed in it and I don't like it," Evans said the morning after the incident.

Clyde Richardson feels he's been unfairly convicted by the city but that aside he feels he's paid his debt to society and deserves another chance.

Richardson is not alone. Ray Martin runs a barber shop across the street.

"It could happen anywhere including a barber shop. If it happens on the sidewalk out front it that a reflection on me?" said Martin.

Richardson tells WSFA 12 News the city inspected his business more than a week ago but doesn't know whether he passed. Today, the mayor was said to be in meetings all day. Selma Police Chief William Riley declined to offer any thoughts either way calling the matter a 'city council issue.' The city attorney was unavailable for a comment.

"Patience is a virtue. I have more time than money," said Richardson.

Clyde Richardson is still counting down to what he hopes will be a reopening of Club Entourage. The one-year shutdown, he says, has cost him '6 figures and counting.'

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