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Good Day Alabama for July 16, 2013

Here is what you saw on Good Day Alabama for July 16, 2013:

JEH JEH LIVE - Enjoy and explore the world of sustainable food and farming in Alabama when UAB's Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center presents the first-ever free ASC Nite Market, followed by a ticketed performance by singer-songwriter Susan Werner. The ASC continues its mission of curating and creating diverse arts events for the community with the Nite Market and Werner's "Hayseed Project" on Saturday, July 20, 2013, at the ASC, 1200 10th Ave. South. Werner grew up on a family farm in eastern Iowa where her parents still farm. Commissioned by the Lied Center for Performing Arts at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Werner's concept album is all about farming and food sustainability. For this unique concert experience at 7:30 p.m., Werner will present her collection of original, meaningful songs that celebrate American farmers. Edwin Marty, E.A.T. (Educate. Act. Transform.) South executive director and Alabama Sustainable Agricultural Network board president, will open the evening event with comments about Alabama farms and sustainability today. Tickets for all seats are $32.50. For tickets to Werner's performance, or for questions, call 205-975-2787 or visit Prior to Werner's concert, the ASC Nite Market will be held from 4-7 p.m. on the outdoor Engel Plaza. Browse and buy produce from local farmers markets including Pepper Place Saturday Market, Jones Valley Teaching Farm and the UAB Wellness Veggie Cart. Admission to the market is free. Enjoy live music from the Jason Bailey Trio, food from Jim 'N Nick's Bar-B-Q and craft brews from Good People Brewing Co.; hear "seed planting" talks by local craft brewers, coffee roasters and innovative growers; and play bocce ball or croquet with Green Central Station. Bottega Restaurant and Café will give a canning demonstration. Kids can create garden collages and edible sculptures, as well as learn about animals and plant species in the ArtPlay Kids' Courtyard. Guests attending the ticketed performance can purchase Nite Market veggies without worry, as the ASC will offer a "veggie check" for market purchases at the door before the show.

BETH K - The latest study on omega-3 fatty acids does not bode well for fish oil supplements.  In a recent study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, researchers report that men with higher omega three fatty acid levels in the blood were more likely to have both low-grade and high-grade prostate cancer than men who had lower levels of omega 3's in their blood.  Many people will find these results surprising because we always hear that omega three fatty acids lower inflammation - and increased inflammation may be related to an increased cancer risk.  Now not all omega 3's are the same. The ones that were related to prostate cancer were the types that are found in fish and fish oil supplements. To get the high blood levels that these men had, you would most likely need supplements.  While this study is not the kind that can show cause and effect, it does show similar results to past studies and adds to the evidence that taking fish oil supplements does not really appear to be beneficial and there may be some increased risk for certain diseases. The bottom line is that supplementing with fish oil does not seem to be warranted for most people at this time. Even the data on fish oil supplements and heart disease really isn't holding up. Beth would not say that fish oil supplements cause prostate cancer but they do not seem to decrease risk and may be associated with an increased risk. The evidence for heart health is not really holding up in more rigorous studies - with the possible exception of people with really high triglycerides. This study, taken together with other studies, she would say that most people should not take fish oil supplements at this time unless your doctor has specifically recommended it for a specific health problem such as high triglycerides. And she still recommends two servings a week of fatty fish such as Salmon, Sardines, Pollock, & Catfish. To the larger question of why we see these studies that dispute earlier findings, Beth would say that so much of what we see reported in the media is in the early stages of research - hypothesis. Many of the studies we see reported are weak observational studies or laboratory or animal studies - but they get reported as though they are definitive and conclusive when they are not. The results get overblown and over -reported.  This is both the fault of the researchers themselves and reporters who are not trained in science. Then what happens is that more rigorous studies are done and the hypothesis doesn't hold up, everyone is surprised. What we need is for researchers to be a little less enthusiastic when their findings are weak and for journalists to be better trained and rigorous in their reporting.

MONEY TUESDAY - It is estimated that over six million U.S. citizens live abroad…Reasons for choosing to live abroad are varied including job opportunity or simply the chance to experience another culture.  Packing up and moving to another country is a big decision but what folks often underestimate are the financial complexities involved.  Stewart Welch offered us advice with help from financial planner Bryan Hancock, CFP, who specializes in working with expatriates. He warns that you might face issues with higher than expected income taxes, retirement planning issues, estate planning trouble, healthcare, asset protection, repatriation, and someone to offer financial advice. Bryan goes on to recommend that, as an expatriate, you should make the effort to build both a social and professional network among fellow expatriates.  The shared experiences of dealing with challenges can provide shortcuts to your own learning experience. If you are considering living abroad or know someone who does live abroad, Stewart encourages you to get a copy of Bryan's white paper titled, "A Financial Guide for the American Expatriate".  It is full of useful information and answers the most important questions for expatriates.  For your free copy, email and write 'Expatriate White Paper' in the subject line or visit

WILDLIFE EXPERT - Stuart R. Goldsby is the Regional Hunter Education Coordinator for Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries. He discusses how it's that time of year when Hunting and Fishing Expos are happening and hunters and anglers begin thinking about the next seasons. The new 2013-2014 Hunting and Fishing Digest is out with all the changes and updates for the coming season. The Division has a presence at each of these Expos to meet public and explain Laws and Regulations to them. The Birmingham World Hunting and Fishing Expo is this coming weekend at the BJCC. Stuart shows us a copy of the Digest, discusses some of the changes, and reminds us about preparing for Hunter Education Courses when required.  He discusses Preparation for Dove Season, February Deer Season for SW Alabama, Game Check New checking system for Deer and Turkey (3) ways to check in Harvest, &, Outdoor Alabama App for Iphone and Droid, 1-800-866-7690. For more information call Outdoor Alabama's Wildlife section 334-242-3469, Enforcement section 334-242-3467, Fisheries section 334-242-3471, or visit

HIGH MUSEUM OF ART - Mike discusses summer exhibitions at the Southeast's most visited museum - the High Museum of Art. This summer it hosts the world-famous "Girl With A Pearl Earring" canvas. For more information, visit

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