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Blood donation centers introduce incentives for donors

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A blood donation center like LifeSouth isn't the first place you would think to be during the summer. And employees know that.

"We've realized that people like free stuff and it helps them remind them of the importance of donating blood," said Brian Garrett with LifeSouth.

Garrett said each summer is the same. People go out of town and blood donations leave right with them.

"Right now we're at a critical need for blood and if we continue to fail to meet our demands then we're going to be an emergency need," Garret said.

If you've ever donated blood you know the free t-shirt and snacks are always a given. But staff are upping the ante. They're now giving away movie tickets and if you're lucky enough you could even win a flat screen TV.

"We're giving one away for the months of June, July and August," said Garrett.

There's no higher demand for a certain blood type but Helen Carroll with Red Cross said there is a need from a particular group.

"We've got our baby boomers but as our baby boomers get older they're beginning to develop health problems so we need a whole new generation," said Carroll.

That generation are those in their 20s and 30s, an age group, that tends to donate less often than the baby boomers.

But Garrett said if movie tickets and a TV can get them in, so be it. LifeSouth constantly updates their Facebook page with incentives. Visit and for more information and updates.

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