Hoover woman with Down Syndrome creates unique clothing line

Ashley DeRamus. Source: WBRC video
Ashley DeRamus. Source: WBRC video

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - A Hoover woman is overcoming the odds and blazing a trail in the fashion world.

Ashley DeRamus, who has Down Syndrome, has designed her own clothing line for others with the syndrome.

This can cause mental and physical delays in development but DeRamus isn't letting it stop  her.

"I'm not ashamed to have it," she said. "I can do anything except drive."

DeRamus has spoken before at the United Nations, has won over 40 medals in swimming, and soon she will debut her own clothing line: Ashley by Design.

She and her mother Connie first came up with the idea about a year ago. DeRamus explains that many women with the syndrome face challenges finding clothes because of their shape.

"[Women with Down Syndrome] want to feel like other girls. They want to dress like other girls," DeRamus said.

But DeRamus' clothes are cut to fit just right in styles that are also fashionable. Her clothes are bright and fun but DeRamus says it's also about boosting confidence and self esteem.

"I want Down's Syndrome women to feel nice and look pretty," she said.

DeRamus will debut her clothing line next week in Denver at the National Down Syndrome Congress convention.

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