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Editorial: Committed parenting

The following is an editorial from FOX6 WBRC-TV general manager Lou Kirchen, first aired Tuesday, July 9, 2013:

All children need family…ideally two parents or at least one, who above everything else are committed to their children's well-being, safety, and education…common sense, right? And, when that is not in place for a child what is likely to happen? Statistically the odds are against them and their future…

The majority of people in prison are high school drop-outs.

The majority of people in prison come from foster homes.

One in four Alabamians is functionally illiterate.

Some parents would say they are working very hard just to make ends meet and don't have time for anything else. Okay. Then the next best thing is to put your children in situations where they will find adults committed to their growth and development. Organizations like the Boys and Girls Club have programs that provide homework support, team play, nutrition, and access to technology; the public library has reading programs; many churches have summer Bible school. The Big Brothers and Big Sisters program can provide invaluable support to a lonely child. For those who would read to their children if they could, the Literacy Council has one-on-one tutoring programs.

If your child has decided that he is not going back to school this fall, change his mind.

All it takes is one adult who really cares to connect with a child to make a huge difference in that child's life. It all begins and ends with family…with committed parenting. What do you think?

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