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Blount County D.A. posts bad check writers on Facebook


Blount County's district attorney wants people to know there are consequences for writing a bad check and not paying up. Not only could you be arrested, but your picture will show up on Facebook.

Since March, Blount County District Attorney Pamela Casey has been using social media to get the attention of people wanted for writing bad checks. Casey says this new approach is working. She claims to be getting more people calling her office to pay money due to businesses. She says the bad check writers shown on Facebook have had plenty of chances to pay.

"We don't just throw your picture on Facebook without giving you, your bank gives a notice. Venfor gives you notice. You're getting notice from me twice. That's 4 contacts. You've done nothing to remedy the situation," said Casey.

Casey also says getting people to pay up, saves the county money because deputies don't have to go out and arrest them. Also, those people aren't crowding jails and taking up time on court dockets.

Casey says, currently, the D.A.'s office is trying collect on more than 800 bad checks.

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