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Union Springs seeks vandals who put graffiti on 5 buildings


Union Springs police found not one but five buildings painted with graffiti in a three block area near downtown. It happened Friday night. Of all the buildings hit by vandals, the Union Springs Elementary School was hit the hardest.

School custodian Timmy Shields is not happy.

"I am very disappointed with this. This is oil-based paint and will be difficult to get it off," said Shields.

Shields is confident the suspects were having a grand time when they did this. The only question is did the school surveillance camera catch them red-handed. Police and school leaders are reportedly looking into it. Investigators don't know at this point if it's gang-related. Shields estimates it will take around $1,000 to clean it up.

A block away the vandals struck another building owned by the Bullock County School Board, a business as you're coming into town and the sign at the kidney dialysis center.

Daria Harris first noticed it when she drove in to work this morning.

"They need to be taught lessons. The sad thing is if they're children or teenagers it will be the parents who have to pay," said Harris.

While clean up crew up crews begin the hard task of removing the paint, Bullock County Commissioner Johnny Adams makes an unusual offer to the suspects.

"I would be willing to give a hundred dollars to the people who did this if they would get out of town and don't ever come back to Bullock County," said Adams.

And there's more.

The vandals also messed up the mural on a wall in downtown Union Springs.

So far no suspects, no takers on the commissioner's offer.

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