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Birmingham ponders what will become the Trinity Medical Center campus

Trinity Medical Center. Source: WBRC video Trinity Medical Center. Source: WBRC video

Trinity Medical Center is preparing to move to their Highway 280 location but many wonder what will become of their old campus on Montclair Road.

Even though trinity's move from here to the digital hospital wasn't confirmed until a court ruling in may, the city has been gearing up for the challenge of finding new use for this campus for more than a year with a task force looking at all of the redevelopment options.

"With Century Plaza, with Carraway, I think the mayor's thinking was "I don't wanna end up with another," and particularly in a community and neighborhood that is so strong," said Tracy Morant-Adams with the Mayor's Office of Economic Development.

But no firm ideas or bidders have come forward yet, though Trinity Medical Center CEO Keith Granger says that's changing now that the hospital has a firm move-out date of early 2016.

"We've seen renewed interest by not only real estate agents, but counselors involved in real estate transactions," he said. "Now that we have a date certain of sorts that we can plan around, we anticipate the next 12-18 months will become very active in the pursuit of those endeavors.

A commercial broker is listing three of the professional office buildings for sale, but another broker not involved in the deal today told FOX6 News the big question will be what to do with the main hospital building and its hundreds of thousands of square feet.

"Yes it's old, it's large, but I would tend to believe there could be uses like high-tech, data centers, and laboratories, there are uses that could use that space," Adams said.

Looming as a cautionary tale here is the fate of Carraway hospital which is still vacant 5 years after it closed. But developers FOX6 News spoke to Monday say Trinity's location near the intersection of Mountain Brook and Birmingham will ensure this campus won't have the same fate.

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