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Troy police investigating man's homicide; girlfriend arrested

Photo Source: Troy Police Department Photo Source: Troy Police Department

A shooting in Pike County leaves one man dead and his girlfriend is now in jail. It happened at Woodland Hills Apartment Complex around 6 a.m. Monday.

"It's been pretty quiet in this area here," apartment complex manager Robby Morrow said.

Yet, it was far from quiet early Monday morning when shots rang out. Police say 24-year-old Tiffany Upshaw is the one who pulled the trigger, shooting and killing her boyfriend, 29-year-old Melvin Kenyetta Scott.

"It's very troubling to the residents, that something like this would happen where they live," Morrow added.

"You wouldn't think it would happen here in Troy," Troy resident Lakia Starks said.

Starks went to school with Upshaw. She says these actions are far from the girl she knew.

"She was a quiet girl. To know her and go to school with her and then all of a sudden for this to come up, it just doesn't sound real. It's real shocking," stated Starks.

Some believe Upshaw was trying to protect herself. Neither she nor Scott lived at the apartment complex.

According to neighbors, Upshaw was staying at her sister's home to get away from her boyfriend.

Investigators are not ruling out a case of self defense, but say it is one of the many possibilities they are investigating. They say, ultimately, it will be up to the grand jury to decide. Upshaw is charged with murder.

"Two families are changed forever. It's just sad that a mistake like this was made," said Troy Police Lt. Bryan Weed.

We did reach out to the victims family, but at this time, they declined to speak with us.

Another person was shot in the hand. Police are not saying anything about who that person is or how they're involved.

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