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City leaders look to ease Jeffco tag lines


The leaders of several Jefferson County cities met in Vestavia Hills on Monday to discuss plans to possibly ease long lines to renew car tags.

State city and county leaders just wrapped up the meeting around noon. They discussed ways to allow cities to offer a way for people to renew their car tags at city halls instead of going downtown or to Bessemer.

About 14 mayors from Jefferson county attended or sent representatives to the meeting, which is about half of all the mayors in the county. They say they have heard from frustrated people who have had to wait in those long car tag lines.

If a city wants to participate in easing the tag lines, they would pay a couple thousand dollars to get the new software installed. The city would also get some of the fees, instead of Jefferson County.

At the meeting, the group left it that the Jefferson County Mayor's Association would meet with Jefferson County leaders to work out all the details and hopefully this will be up and running within a year.

The plan would just be for car tag renewals, not for new cars

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