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2 alarm fire, now arson investigation in N. Montgomery


An arson investigation is underway at a home on Garden Street in North Montgomery.  The two alarm fire destroyed the home and compromised the houses on either side.

Neighbor Charolette Arnette witnessed the whole ordeal on the morning of the 4th, "I told my husband it sounds like someone is popping firecrackers.  I looked out the window and saw fire coming out both sides of the house."

Arnette says it wasn't what she saw, but who, that turned this relaxed holiday morning into an unnerving nightmare.

"He ran out in the middle of the road.  About that time we heard a boom, it was like an explosion."

Arnette says the man who likely set the fire made a fast getaway down the street.  By that time, the house was fully involved, "It scared me to death.  I was panicked and screaming."

She immediately alerted the neighbors, who had children sleeping on the same side of the home as the raging fire. Thankfully it spared the house.  The same couldn't be said for the home on the other side, reported Arnette, "It doesn't look good, I'm just glad everyone is okay."

It took firefighters less than half an hour to put out the blaze at the abandoned house.  Arnette says it will take much longer to come to terms with what played out across the street, on a day when she least expected it.

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