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Good Day Alabama for July 4, 2013

Here's what you saw on Good Day Alabama for July 4, 2013:

INDEPENDENCE DAY - Melanie Poole with the American Villiage joined us with some interesting facts about American History. She gave us a quiz and tested our knowledge. She also gave us pointers on how to treat the American Flag.

How to properly display a flag:

1. Display between sunrise and sunset unless illuminated.

2. The union, or blue field with stars, should always be in the upper left when the viewer is facing it, whether you are displaying the flag vertically or horizontally; when on a flagpole, the union should be at the top.

3. The flag should never be allowed to touch the ground, or touch the water if you are displaying on a boathouse or pier, and should be folded when stored.

4. When displaying along with other flags, the US flag should be higher than a state or company flag; when with the flags of other nations, it should be at the far left, and no other flag can be larger or higher.

5. On a stage, the flag should be above and behind the speaker's podium, to the speaker's right, the audience's left.

6. Take down the flag before inclement weather so that it will not become damaged.

7. Never display a torn or tattered flag.

8. A flag flown upside down is an emergency signal.

9. When flying a flag at half staff, always raise it to the pinnacle, then lower it to half staff; when lowering for the day, raise it again to the pinnacle of the flagpole before lowering all the way.

10. Disposal of the flag should be done in a respectful manner; burning in private is considered respectful. Veterans' groups also collect damaged flags for proper disposal.

For more information on American Village, visit

CLARE - Clare joined us from Vulcan Park this morning where they are setting up for tonight's "Thunder on the Mountain." If you are in the Birmingham area, you can watch the fireworks live in the sky. As long as you can see Red Mountain and Vulcan, you can see the fireworks. You can also watch them live on FOX6. It all begins at 9pm.

BARGAINOMICS- Judy Bates, the Bargainomics lady, joined us this morning with some deals! Just got this $34 jacket at Goody's on an 80% off rack for only $6.96. 1.) If you're in the market for a new TV, Walmart has a deal thru this Saturday. They have an ORION 19" LED HDTV for $98. Call & make sure your local Walmart has this item in stock before you make the trip or order it online at & choose free in-store pickup. 2.) Fishermen will appreciate this bargain: ASSORTED BIG BITE BAITS for half-price. Normally $1.99, they're now 99 cents a pack thru Saturday at all ACADEMY SPORTS & OUTDOORS locations. 3.) Also thru Saturday, Target is offering their lowest price of the season on this SKYLINE 3-PC LUGGAGE SET at only $32. 4.) Now thru July 10th, MARVIN'S is having a TRUCKLOAD FLOORING EVENT with LAMINATE FLOORING as low as 69 cents a square foot.
If you missed any of this, you can find it on the Fox News page of the website,

WHERE IS THE LOVE - Licensed therapist, Dr. Misty Smith joined us to answer viewer questions about relationships in our "Where Is The Love" segment. If you have a question for our "Love Doctor," email us or contact us on social media and we'll ask the next time she's in the studio.

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, we talk with an expert about Egypt and the unrest there. And Congresswoman Terri Sewell joins us to discuss the hot topics on Capitol Hill. Planning a trip this summer? We check out the best travel apps for your phone to help you with your plans! Ever heard of Yogalosophy? The author of this new book shows us how to achieve the ultimate mind-body makeover. And we have music in the studio! Join us for all of this and much more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!

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