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Judge approves JeffCo request to hire back 58 employees

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There is good financial news for financially troubled Jefferson County. Federal Judge Lynwood Smith has approved the county's request to rehire 58 employees.

More than 1,300 employees have left county government due to retirement or were put administrative leave without pay because of money troubles. The county is also under a federal consent decree because of past problems with hiring African Americans and women.

County Manager Tony Petelos said there is money to bring the employees back because these are old positions. The method of bringing employees back will vary.

"That will be easy. They will pick the person with the most seniority in that classification. The other, we will put all the names in a container and pull those names out to be a random lottery selection," Petelos said.

Petelos said the jobs will include help for Cooper Green Mercy Health Services, the courts, roads and transportation and revenue. The county manager plans to ask Smith for permission to bring back more employees in the future.

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