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Rep. Roby: Delay in Obama healthcare law is 'kicking can down the road'


Tuesday saw an unexpected announcement from the Obama administration that it will delay by one year full implementation of a major requirement in the president's landmark healthcare legislation, commonly referred to as Obamacare.

Representative Martha Roby [R-District 2], echoing sentiments by many Republicans, immediately hailed the decision as another reason for repeal of the healthcare law.

"This delay just further demonstrates how unworkable the President's healthcare law truly is," Roby said. "If the regulations are so complex and burdensome that four years isn't long enough to implement them, there's clearly a problem."

The Obama administration says the delay will be for one year and will affect rules that require businesses to cover employees, if they have more than 50, or face tax penalties. That rule was to go into effect in January 2014 but will now be implemented in 2015.

Roby called the move, "Kicking this can down the road" and added that the decision, which is being hailed by many business groups, as a way of, "prolong[ing] the uncertainty for businesses, and that's bad news for the economy."

Roby says she will continue to support efforts to repeal the law entirely, as the Republican-controlled U.S. House has attempted to do numerous times, "and if that doesn't work, we'll take it apart piece by piece."

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