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Caravan cruises Birmingham to make a peaceful point


One group in Birmingham is trying to find a direct approach to bring an end to a recent spike in homicides. The group is using a hearse to show young people what can happen when they let violence into their lives.

50 bikes, 20 cars, and one hearse left Patton Park Sunday afternoon and traveled to all four corners of Birmingham. They hope the large group on the road attracted a large crowd on sidewalks.

Dwayne Thompson helped organize the caravan. He says the plan is for each person to reach the people in their immediate community to start spreading love instead of hate.

"The actual motor bikes brings on a whole other look from the children that you never see in the community. That just lets them know that there is hope and there is something else they can do than violence in their area," said Thompson.

Thompson hopes this will begin a huge event and he plans to do it for as long as it is needed.

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