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Found Alive: Who's visiting Ariel Castro and why?

Ariel Castro Ariel Castro

Ariel Castro is locked up behind bars. We know he has a big family but so far only two have shown up to chat with him in his cell.

His mother, Lillian Rodriguez, first visited on May 17. Since then, she dropped by a total of six times, with the latest being last Friday.  

So what are they talking about? 

19 Action News tried to find out by knocking on mom's front door in Cleveland. While the main door was open no one responded to our knocks.

The only other Castro family member paying Ariel a visit is a woman we believe is his sister.  

She usually comes with mom and has visited a total of five times. The last one was a week ago.    

We got the same no answer at her front door.

So far Ariel's brothers, who were arrested with him but later released -- Pedro and Onil, have not paid Ariel a visit in jail.

Last Wednesday he got a visit from a women who claims to be a friend. We dropped by her home as well and got no answer.

The only other visitors for the prime suspect in Gina, Amanda and Michelle's disappearance is his defense team.  

Ariel Castro has visited with his lawyers a total of 19 times inside the jail since he has been locked up.   

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