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Railroad Park murder suspect back in jail

Justin Jones at his preliminary hearing last week. Source: WBRC video Justin Jones at his preliminary hearing last week. Source: WBRC video
Jarmaine Walton. Source: Family photo Jarmaine Walton. Source: Family photo

The suspect in the Railroad Park homicide is back in jail tonight.

Shortly after being arrested, 17-year-old Justin Jones bonded out. He is charged with reckless murder in the shooting death of 15-year-old Jarmaine Walton.

Late Wednesday afternoon, FOX6 News learned that Jones was back in jail allegedly for threatening a witness. His attorney, Charles Salvagio, says that's not exactly what happened.

Salvagio says that after Jones' preliminary hearing last week, someone logged into Jones' Facebook account and posted comments that could be perceived as threatening. Those comments were allegedly made about the state's main witness in the case.

Salvagio says police have been monitoring Jones' Facebook page and when they saw the comments, they issued a warrant for his arrest. Jones turned himself in to police, accompanied by Salvagio.

A hearing was held Thursday on the matter during which Jones' grandfather testified that Jones could not have posted the comments because police still have Jones' cellphone and he doesn't have access to a working computer.

His grandfather told the court someone who has Jones' password put the comments online. Because of the serious nature of the case, Judge Alfred Bahakel revoked Jones' bond and put him back in jail.

Also during Thursday's hearing, Salvagio says Jones' grandfather told the court that he has filed a police report against the state's main witness, the same person reportedly targeted in the Facebook comments.

Jones' grandfather says the witness came to his house twice to threaten the family about the case. The second time, the grandfather says he filed a police report.

During last week's hearing, two witnesses described what they saw at Railroad Park the day Walton was shot. One witness claims to have seen another teen hand Jones a gun before the shooting. The other witness claims that he believes he was the intended target of the shooting.

Salvagio said last week that he felt the evidence was very weak in the hearing and that the state has a lot more to prove if the case ever goes to trial.

At the end of the hearing, Judge Shelly Watkins turned the case over to a grand jury.

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