Good Day Alabama for June 24, 2013 - WBRC FOX6 News - Birmingham, AL

Good Day Alabama for June 24, 2013

Here is what you saw on Good Day Alabama for June 24, 2013:

JEH JEH LIVE - Jeh Jeh worked out on this Exercise Monday! He joined us with Curtis Starks at EVO. For more information, call (205) 583-3000.

JEFFERY DEAVER - From international best-selling author Jeffery Deaver comes "The Kill Room" - the latest installment in his blockbuster series featuring forensic expert Lincoln Rhyme. Jeffery Deaver is an international number-one best-selling author. His novels have appeared on bestsellers lists around the world. Three of his books-A Maiden's Grave, The Bone Collector, and The Devil's Teardrop-were made into films or TV movies. You can visit his website at About The Kill Room: A U.S. citizen in the Bahamas is shot by a sniper par excellence--a man capable of delivering a "million-dollar bullet" into the heart of his targets, a mile or more away. The investigation reveals that the victim, Robert Moreno, a man known to have strong anti-American sympathies, was assassinated by the U.S. government. New York assistant district attorney Nance Laurel, unwilling to let the government get away with ignoring the rule of law, brings a criminal case against both the director of the National Intelligence and Operations Service (NIOS), who ordered the killing, and the sniper himself.  Assigned the job of investigating the killing, Lincoln Rhyme, aided by his partner Amelia Sachs and his regular crew of associates, takes on the controversial case. But the director of NIOS learns of the investigation and takes steps to derail it. One of the eeriest villains in recent fiction, Jacob Swann, takes on the task of eliminating witnesses and stopping Laurel, Rhyme and Sachs, using his favorite "companion," a unique and deadly knife he reveres more than most people.

ASK THE GARDENER - Sandra Reaves took questions from viewers about their gardening needs. For more information, visit her Facebook page - it includes lots of pictures, tips, how to videos, and info on veggie trials going on in the garden.  It's a "real time, real life" look at home gardening and food preservation. You can find her at

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, want to make sure you "buy American?" We show you the most American-made cars on the market today.  Our fishing expert joins us to take your questions... You get the chance to call in and Ask the Angler. Jimmy Rockett joins us with advice for your garden! We have live music in the studio. Our nutritionist joins us with a look at the latest studies and what they mean for your health! And how do your finances stack up? We give you "The Money Quiz!" Join us for that and much more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama.

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