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Birmingham councilor accepts plea deal for ethics violations

Lashunda Scales (center). Source: Vanessa Araiza Lashunda Scales (center). Source: Vanessa Araiza

A Birmingham councilor indicted for ethics violations says she will accept a plea deal in the case.

LaShunda Scales was indicted on two charges of ethics law violations and attempted interference of an election.

As part of the plea deal, Scales will plead guilty to one misdemeanor reduced charge of the unintended use of public equipment and to one violation of interference with a voter. 

Her attorney, Jim Sturdivant, says she will not face jail time as part of the plea deal.

The ethics charges stem from a complaint made two years ago by one of Scales' former business partners. According to the complaint, Scales used city police and equipment for personal gain in settling a dispute.

In the second indictment, Scales allegedly tried to intimidate voters in a bond referendum in October of 2012.

In a prepared statement, Scales said she looks forward "to things getting back to normal and my continuig to do the work of the people."

FOX6 News has also placed calls to the city attorney and the mayor's office to investigate if this plea deal will affect Scales' position as councilor.

According to part of the Birmingham Mayor-Council Act, "If a councilman...shall be convicted of [a] crime involving moral turpitude, his office shall immediately become vacant."

She and her attorney would not comment on this issue or take any questions.

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