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Trustees approve 3 percent tuition hike at Univ. of Alabama

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It's going to cost more to attend the University of Alabama, UAB and UAH after the university system trustees approved tuition increases.

At the University of Alabama, students will pay nearly 3 percent more per semester. For in-state students, that means an extra $125 per semester. Most of that money will go to the people teaching students.

Ray Hayes, Executive Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations for the Alabama University System, outlined why a tuition hike was needed.

Since 2008, the 3 schools have lost nearly a billion dollars in state funding. And rising employer healthcare and retirement costs ate up last year's increase in state funding.

The idea of a tuition increase, even one as small as 3 per cent, doesn't sit well with some students.

"Well, lots of students feel that actually, colleges are doing it for the college experience and lots of us aren't here for that. A lot of us are here for the education and just to get out and work," student Nolan Kidd said.

Faculty and staff salaries make up 65 percent of the schools' budget.

Trustee Joe Espy says the more students you add, the more teachers you need to hire and keep on campus.

"What our institutions have done is to cut to the bare bones on our expenses, while at the same time, keeping the quality of education our students are entitled to," Espy said.

The increases go into effect in the fall.

Administrators say the three percent tuition increase at the University of Alabama is the lowest in nearly 30 years.

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