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JeffCo Commission wants sugar daddy billboard to come down

This sign is causing a lot of controversy in Birmingham. Source: WBRC video This sign is causing a lot of controversy in Birmingham. Source: WBRC video

A controversial billboard sign is getting more heat to come down. Sunday, FOX6 News reported on a sign that asks if young women want to find a sugar daddy. Today Jefferson County commissioners decided the billboard sends the wrong message.

This signs greets drivers near the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport and promotes a website, It's a website to arrange meetings between young women and what is described as successful men and the company says the're targeting local college students because they've seen a big increase of women signing up in the Birmingham area.

Jefferson County commissioners say it's an insult and should come down.

"It implies if you need to make money you need a sugar daddy and I think we all know what that implies," Commission President David Carrington said.

Carrington brought up the sign at a commission committee meeting Tuesday and he asked for support for asking the owners of the sign or Arrangement Finders to take it down.

"I think it is preying on young women. I think it is insulting to women. I think it concerns fathers," Carrington said.

One father who saw the sign Tuesday says it's not something he wants his nine-year-old daughter to see.

"This sends the wrong a bad message out. Especially in an area riddled with prostitution, drugs poverty stuff like that. Giving a bad message to young girls," Michael Street said.

But others say they are not offended by the sign or its message.

"I think it's all depends is the person how it affects people. I kind of find it amusing. I know other people from different backgrounds might take offense to that," Jacob Haney said.

Carrington says he has received 440 emails against the sign. It's in the city of Birmingham and Carrington has reached out to City Councilman Johnathan Austin for help

In removing it, Austin says there are a lot of questions if the city can do anything.

"Who owns the sign, who owns the property? There are things considered freedom of speech issues we have to look into," Austin said.

Jefferson county commissioners vote to ask to take down the sign Thursday. Their resolution has no weight of law.

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