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Trustees vote to raise tuition costs at UNA

Tuition increase for UNA students. Tuition increase for UNA students.

Students will be paying more to get an education at UNA this fall. The Board of Trustees approved a 5-percent tuition increase for all students.

Trustees said they figured the increase based on a 15-hour semester which would account for $233 per credit hour for undergrads and $276 per credit hour for graduate students.

University officials said they don't like the idea of the hike but think it's necessary to maintain the school's quality of education. They said with this new hike they're still an affordable school compared to others across the state.

"We've looked at other schools, a lot of other schools have not made that decision yet but when you go back to the Alabama commission of higher education's website and you look at where we're at as far as cost and that's why we used 15 hours because they go in and compare costs with all those fees and we're still in that bottom tier probably about third or fourth from the bottom of our costs," said Steve Smith, VP of Business & Financial Affairs.

The board has asked university officials to complete a budget with the new tuition costs and add in the cost of living raise for review at their next meeting in September.

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