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Good Day Alabama for May 27, 2013

Here's what you saw on Good Day Alabama for May 27, 2013:

BETH K - There were lots of headlines last week suggesting that cutting back on sodium was not healthy or necessary. But, as often happens, the facts got lost in those headlines. So let's straighten out the story.

The standard sodium recommendation for the average American has been 2,300 mg or less (the average intake is around 3,400 mg). The health reason for this is that too much sodium can raise blood pressure and high blood pressure increases the risk for stroke and heart diseases. This is pretty well established.

However, when the 2010 dietary guidelines came out a few years ago, a new lower recommendation was made for a particular sub-group group of people while the general recommendation stayed the same. This subgroup - people with hypertension or pre-hypertension, anyone 51 years or older, African-Americans, and people with diabetes, kidney disease, or congestive heart failure - was told to lower sodium to 1,500 mg. We talked about this on Good Day Alabama at that time and we talked about how almost impossible it is to get your sodium down to 1,500 mg a day. Basically, you would have to cook everything from scratch and only eat fresh, unprocessed foods.

Now, a new report from the Institutes of Medicine says that there really isn't any conclusive evidence that lowering sodium to this ultra-low level is actually beneficial. They say that the research is inconclusive and before we recommend this, we should have better data. So, the key messages here are: reducing sodium somewhat to that 2,300 mg is still a good idea for most Americans & lowering it to 1,500 mg is not yet supported by the research which is still inconclusive. Since reducing sodium to 1,500 mg would be almost impossible for most Americans, this is good news. My recommendation is to compare labels on the foods you eat and try to choose the lower sodium choices. Don't go nuts over reducing sodium unless you have a specific health reason and your doctor has recommended but avoid the biggest sources.

VET PAYS IT FORWARD - Earlier this month we showed you the touching story of Army Combat Veteran Noah Galloway being presented with a specially made Jeep. Galloway is a double amputee and had been driving his uncle's stick shift truck before this surprise. This all happened because of the efforts of Hueytown business owner Terry Brasseale and a group called Team Red White and Blue. Now he is working with them to honor another veteran. It will honor Purple Heart recipient and amputee Sgt. Adam Jacks with a fundraising celebration at Planet Fitness on Highway 280 in Birmingham on June 15th. The community is invited to enjoy a free BBQ and train with local veterans and members of Team Red, White, and Blue from 9 a.m. to noon. The final event of the festivities will be the presentation of an accessible family vehicle from one Wounded Warrior to another. Join Team Red, White, and Blue at You can make tax-deductible donations made payable to Operation Military Embrace and mailed c/o Terry Brasseale to 5191 Lake Crest Circle, Hoover, Alabama 35226.

JEH JEH LIVE - Jeh Jeh works out on this Exercise Monday! He joins us with Curtis Starks at EVO. For more information, call 205-583-3000.

BARGAIN MOM - Christie Dedman, the Birmingham Bargain Mom, joined us with some deals for your family. American Village will have a full day of honoring Memorial Day Monday. Admission for everyone is free on Memorial Day only. It's a great time to check out the park if you're on a budget. Visit for the schedule today. Activities start at 10:30 and go through 2:20 p.m. Birminghham area McDonald's have BOGO free admission coupons to McWane Science Center. The coupon expires Sept. 2, 2013. The pass is good for a free kids pass with the purchase of adult admission. Call your McDonald's to confirm they do have the tray liners. Military families nationwide can enjoy free admission to museums nationwide through the Blue Star Museum project. The offer is valid May 27 to Sept. 2. Check out which museums are participating at The offer allows active duty military and their families to get into museums for free all summer long. For more deals, visit

ASK THE GARDENER - Jimmy Rockett from Bug Juice Gardens took questions from viewers about their gardening needs. For more information, visit

COOKING - Dak Spice was in the kitchen making Taco Bowls and Bean Salad. Click here to get the recipe and watch the video.

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, we look at how and why you should start a Roth IRA for your child now! Jimmy Rockett joins us with some gardening advice to spruce up your yard! We talk fishing and the angler joins us to take your questions! Are you ready for the Bob Sykes BBQ & Blues Festival this weekend? Van Sykes joins us in the kitchen with some great food and all the details! Vulcan celebrates another birthday - find out how you can join in the party! Join us for all of this and much more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!

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