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Editorial: No litter

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The following is an editorial from FOX6 WBRC-TV General Manager Lou Kirchen, first aired on Tuesday, May 21:

Unfortunately, we see litter around us every day on the way to school, to work or to the grocery store. Today, however, I was stunned as I drove into work. Mounds of trash - paper, bottles, plastic bags - were everywhere, especially along Palisades Blvd and Valley Avenue in Homewood. Even the usually pristine approach to Vulcan Park was marred with litter. At times, it looked like I was driving on a landfill.

I understand that sometimes debris is blown or unfortunately tossed out of a vehicle. But, the amount of litter on these streets was shocking. Certainly, the litterers had to know they were trashing our community.

What kind of people drive away from this kind of mess and leave it for others to clean up? My hope is that as the city of Homewood removes the trash, they find identifiers among the debris and that the litterers are heavily fined.

Litter, when tolerated, encourages others to add to it and potentially devalues the property around it.

I'm glad we now have an Alabama no-litter law. However, the law needs to be enforced and the penalties need to be much stiffer. The first offense should warrant a fine of at least $500 and should require the perpetrator to pick up a mile of litter. And then with each subsequent offense, the fine and litter pick-up should be doubled.

What do you think?

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