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Irondale case sheds light on dangers of 'huffing'

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An Irondale man faces two attempted murder charges after threatening a police officer and a fireman.

Friday, May 10, the parents of the man saw through the window of his home on Old Alton Road that he was on a bed and unresponsive. The parents called authorities fearing their son was dead.

Once a policeman and fireman approached what they thought was a dead body, the man suddenly sprang up and attacked them with scissors.

"He suddenly jumps up starts to attack the policeman and fireman. In hand he had a pair of scissors and he started to attack them," Michael Mangina, Irondale Police Detective, said.

Mangina said the man repeatedly said he would kill the rescuers. After a struggle the attacker was subdued. At this time the suspect is undergoing drug treatment at an area rehabilitation facility, but Mangina said he will face serious charges.

"He will face two counts of attempted murder. I've been in contact with his family but also his lawyer and they have assured me after his treatment program ends, he will turn himself in on those warrants," Mangina said.

Mangina said the man was huffing, using aerosol cans to get high and this may have caused his violent behavior. People who live in the Old Alton Road neighborhood said the man was a good person. Mangina said huffing may have changed his personality.

"It was not only a danger to yourself but as we can see in this case you can be a danger to other people," Mangina said.

The man has not been formally identified because he has not yet been charged.

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