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Animal advocate works to stop abuse


Ingrid Law is a big animal advocate. Recently, she said she has witnessed extensive animal abuse in Jefferson County.

"One dog, her back leg or her paw had been severed, intentionally cut off. She was found in the woods laying next to her dead mother," said Law.

This is just one of many disturbing stories law has. Just last month she said rescued two dogs that were on the brink of death.

"I got a message on Facebook about two dogs that were at a rock quarry in Brookwood, AL. Both of their throats had been slit," said Law.

Amazingly, the dogs survived, but Ingrid said the same cannot be said for all of them.

She said, "You see a lot of chained pit bulls. No shelter, no food, no water. Skin and bones."

She and other animal advocates in Jefferson County do their part to try and make a difference for just one dog. On Thursday, they gathered to walk dogs that are on their way to the New England area where they will be adopted out. The dogs come from all over the southeast, including Jefferson County. Ingrid knows she cannot save all the dogs, but she tries to do what she can to create even a slight impact.

"I have found in my experience that it's better to go knock on the door and talk to the people and educate the people on how to keep a dog," said Law.

She knows it won't solve all the problems in Jefferson County. With volunteers surrounding her with the same goal, she knows she is on the right track. Law said volunteers rarely contact law enforcement involving these cases. She said she feels they do not have enough man power to handle these cases. However, Bessemer Deputy Chief Mike Roper said the department cannot fix these problems if they are not notified. He said they take these cases very seriously and are well equipped to take them on.

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