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Attorney: Don't rush to judgment, demonize Ariel Castro

Ariel Castro Ariel Castro

Ariel Castro's attorneys spent part of Wednesday morning speaking out on behalf of their client.

The plain and simple bottom line from two men charged with defending Ariel Castro from unspeakable crimes is that there has been a rush to judgement. They say by the public, the police and the media.

Attorneys Jaye Schlachet and Craig Weintraub are the attorneys on the case. They have visited Ariel Castro in his jail cell and found that he is depressed, not going so far as saying he is remorseful. They will enter a not guilty plea to the kidnapping and rape charges against him. Castro remains jailed on an $8 million dollar bond. Clearly the attorneys find themselves in a unpopular position.

"A rush to judgement in your mind?" asked Reporter Paul Orlousky.

"Of course it's a rush to judgement and you guys (media) are going to continue to demonize this gentleman (Castro) in the community and it's unfair," said Attorney Schlachet. "I would ask that you at least hold off at all on making judgements until all the evidence is disclosed in a courtroom."

"Our job is to be equally aggressive and zealous in the defense of him and hope that he can get a fair trial if he can get one in this county. Is he going to plead not guilty. Absolutely," Attorney Weintraub added.

Attorney Jaye Schlachet is no stranger to controversial cases - he has defended many sex offenders and says a vigorous defense is critical to our legal system functioning properly. He has already begun to receive hate mail for his role in this case.

Castro's lawyers must next go to an arraignment with him, then begin the monumental task of going through the mountain of evidence taken from his now boarded up home.

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